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November 20, 2011: International News From the Field

on Sun, 11/20/2011 - 00:00

Emergen ( is an online community for "emerging young leaders" in Australia, made up of over 1000 professionals aged 20-35. Along with online and in-person learning opportunities, it provides participants "the opportunity to develop their professional brand and reputation. Members can do this through blogging, being interviewed for Emergen TV or participating in our Awards program." They even provide Bloggers Training online.

One of Emergen’s projects is "Blogging for a Cause Ebooks," the latest of which is a Tribute to the International Year of the Volunteer. This 60-page, graphically elegant document (using the issuu publishing platform) offers first-person accounts of different volunteer experiences, as expressed by volunteer bloggers. The contributors are diverse in all sorts of ways: culturally, ethnically, degree of involvement in volunteer work, and the types of causes they support.

The essays even tackle negative perceptions and controversies about volunteering, such as Jenny Geale’s "Please Don’t Pay Me" (pages 33-5), a wonderful account of the reactions she has encountered to her decision to engage in voluntary work full time.

As its title says, this book is a tribute to IYV+10 and is well worth reading – and passing along to both paid and volunteer staff in your organization. Upbeat and informative, this free resource is a celebration.

Thanks to Martin J Cowling ( of People First–Total Solutions for making us aware of this great organization and e-book.

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